Upcoming events


This will be the first Public Meeting of the new school year. For families new to this type of education, these meetings are an excellent opportunity to find out more about Wicklow Sudbury School, self-directed learning and democratic schooling with plenty of space given to discussions, questions & answers. Some of our staff members and current students/parents will be present. No booking necessary.

Date: Tuesday, 13th November, at 7.30pm at Avila House


This documentary directed by Christoph Schuhmann explores the question: ‘what happens if children have space to follow their curiosity and work on topics which are meaningful to them?’
43 interviewees, 12 schools and a journey through five different countries on three different continents: Schools of Trust is an emotional and very personal look behind the scenes at unique model schools in Germany, the Netherlands, Puerto Rico and Israel, many of which have been operating successfully for decades and demonstrate how education can work with no curriculum or marks.
Watch the trailer here. This event is free of charge. Donations welcome. Film Duration: 63 min.

Date: Thursday, 22nd November, at 7.15 pm at Avila House