Ken Robinson IDEC 2017:

An interesting little video from the School of Life.

A video from the Alliance on Self-Directed Education with Akilah S. Richards:

Summerhill School, founded in 1921 by A. S. Neill , was one of the first democratic schools and is still running today. One of our staff members, Aaron, worked there for two years before going on to co-found Sudbury School Paris. Though we differ on some of our ideas on learning and governance structures, we would like to share this wonderful fictional film about an interesting period in that Summerhill’s history.

Christel Hartkamp co-founder of the New School explaining what democratic education is all about:

Peter Gray’s TED Talk in a nutshell and animated:

Hudson Valley School Videos:

Sudbury Valley School Videos

Lengthy John Holt interview on the history of education and its role.

Videos on specific topics from Sudbury Schools

At the Brooklyn free school Seth Godin asks ‘what are schools for?’