Job Opportunities

At Wicklow Sudbury School, staff are equal to students and are members of the School Meeting (students and staff) with no more power than is granted by School Meeting.  Staff are hired, elected and re-elected by the School Meeting.  Staff are invested in the school, support the students in their pursuits when requested, work hard on behalf of the school but do not “run” the school.  The School Meeting is the supreme authority of the school. Staff may hold Clerkships (elected) which are jobs with certain powers and duties. Most of these Clerkships can also be held by interested students who are elected.

The central idea of the Sudbury model is that every child has the innate ability to flourish and learn to become effective adults. Therefore, staff focus their efforts on the environment rather than on teaching methods.

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Wicklow Sudbury School always welcomes new staff applicants, whatever our current staff situation.

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