Job Opportunities

Wicklow Democratic School is hiring for the 2021-22 school year. We’re on the lookout for highly skilled staff who are excited about making all young people’s voices heard, and working with an ambitious team with a vision for just and equitable schools and workplaces.

The staff team are all on equal footing. Instead of having bosses or hierarchy, decisions are made by consent. Staff still take on leadership roles, but they are selected by their co-workers and lead collaboratively.

Staff are subject to the decisions of the School Meeting, which is open to all students and staff and is the governing body of the school. Students are active participants in shaping their education at the school, and staff work with them to foster connection and community, with the school offering students a place to be heard, to truly listen, and to practice living a purposeful and joyful life as active participants in their community, so that they can bring that approach with them wherever they go when they leave.

As a staff member, you will act as a mentor, friend, boundary holder, role model, play mate, challenger, supporter and much more.

If you are excited about the prospect of building a school that can serve as an example of, and springboard for, a modern and holistic approach to education, encompassing not just academic skill, but also interpersonal, emotional, creative and genuine critical thinking skills (even when students are critiquing your views!), then WDS may well be the place for you.

Ideally, candidates for the position will:

  • Be experienced facilitators or educators
  • Be confident and compassionate communicators
  • Have a good work ethic, including a strong orientation towards acquiring new skills and learning
  • Enjoy having their world-view challenged, continuously taking in new evidence and perspectives to improve their understandings
  • Be visionary and ambitious for what the school can become, as a role model for schools and workplaces across Ireland

Applicants should email their CV and cover letter to 

Closing date for applications is August 27th 2021

The school will respond to all applicants. Those short-listed will be asked to participate in an interview process and an in-school trial period. In the event of being hired, the staff member will be subject to an initial probationary period.

Please email us with any questions. We look forward to meeting you!