Wicklow Sudbury is a not-for-profit homeschooling collective and registered Irish charity (CHY 22018). All income from tuition fees goes to the running of the school (rent, staff pay, utilities, insurance, materials etc.). We do not receive any state support, and we are actively applying for grants and fundraising within our community. We aspire to be fully transparent about our charity’s finances and activities.

Sliding Scale based on Income Assessment

Fee calculations based on a sliding scale allows us to achieve the following:

  1. Closer to Fairness: Make it affordable to families of all incomes to send their children to our school.
  2. Family-friendly: Offer sibling rates that allow families to enroll multiple children in our school.
  3. Sustainability: Ensure the financial viability of the school given that we receive no support outside of tuition.

The Gross Household Income (GHI)

The GHI is the total combined income of the household before taxes are deducted. Each family’s tuition fees are calculated using their particular GHI figure. GHI excludes children’s allowance and certain other state allowances but includes social welfare payments such as unemployment assistance.

So how much will you pay?

Annual tuition fee is as follows:

  • 12% of your GHI for one child
  • Please contact us about sibling rates.

Minimum Fee

For families on or below a GHI of €20,000 a fee of €2,400 for the 1st child applies. This represents the minimum annual fee for a place in the school. Please contact us about sibling rates.

A small number of families may qualify for further subsidies if payment of the minimum fee is not possible, and if the school budget allows for such subsidies in the relevant year.

Maximum Fee

The highest fee is based on annual GHI of €100,000 or over.

Documentation regarding income

Before annual tuition fees are determined and approved of, families must provide the necessary documentation of their GHI, most likely in the form of a tax return or a social welfare statement. Families who do not wish to disclose income documentation will pay maximum fees.

When are fees payable?

Fees are payable in advance per term or annually.


Contact wicklowsudbury@gmail.com for further information.