The payment of fees comes at the end of our enrollment process.

The start-up committee of the school went through a long, thoughtful process to arrive at a fee structure which met the criteria we held to be important.

Please read through the entire page to get an understanding of the sliding scale. 

Wicklow Sudbury is a not for profit school and all fees go to the running of the school. We do not receive state support and we are fully transparent about our finances.

It was important to us that the fee structure achieved a number of things.

  1. Fairness. We felt it was important that families of all incomes would be able to afford to send their children to the school.
  2. Family friendly. We wanted to make it affordable for families with 2, 3 or more children to be able to attend the school.
  3. We needed to be able to cover the costs of running the school from the fees as we will not be receiving any state subsidy.

We looked at various and differing models from Sudbury and other private schools around the world and came up with a fee structure we feel will meet the 3 criteria.

Flat Fee with grant option

We will have a flat fee at the school with the option for families who cannot afford the fee to apply for a grant. The amount of the grant will be based on the Gross Household Income of the family.

The Gross Household Income (GHI)

The GHI is the total income of the household before taxes are deducted. Each family’s grant will be calculated using this figure. GHI excludes children’s allowance but includes social welfare payments such as unemployment assistance.

Full Fee  (if no grant is requested or required)

The full fee for families not eligible for or not requiring the grant will be:

€12,000 for the 1st child

€13,500 for 2 children

€14,500 for 3 children

The fee for each additional child will be €1,000 (equivalent to the fee for the 3rd child)

N.B. For families who cannot afford to pay the full fees they can apply for a grant to receive a reduction on the full fee. Read on for this information.

How Much is the Grant?

The grant will be based on Gross Household Income (GHI).

The fee each family pays is calculated as follows:

For the first child 12% of GHI is the fee

For 2 children 13.5% of GHI is the fee

For 3 children 14.5% of GHI is the fee

for each additional child the fee will be the same Euro amount as for the 3rd child.

The chart below shows some fees for a variety of Gross Household Incomes.

Minimum Fee

For families on or below a GHI of €20,000 there will be a fee of €2,400 for the 1st child, €2,700 for 2 children and €2,900 for 3 children. This represents the minimum fee for a place in the school.

Chart of fees based on a selection of Gross Household Incomes.

To calculate a fee based on a different income from those shown below take 12% of GHI for one child, 13.5% for two children and 14.5% for three children

Gross Household Income is shown in the left column.

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 15.00.49
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When are fees payable?

Fees are payable per term or annually. The monthly breakdown is shown to help families with their calculations. Monthly payments are not a payment option.


Once the enrollment process is completed a deposit of one term’s fees will secure a place in the school for the coming calendar year.

Documentation regarding income

When applying for a grant we will ask for documentation showing income, most likely in the form of a tax return or for unemployed persons a verification from social welfare.