Wicklow Sudbury School wishes that all parents and students are well informed about the philosophy and day-to-day practicalities of the school. With this in mind we have the following enrolment policy in place:

Our enrolment process

  • Initial Contact – a public meeting, a phone call, an e-mail
  • Research & read up on the Sudbury Model and its philosophy (our website has plenty of resources) and attend an Introductory Meeting
  • Submit the application for enrolment form below
  • When you’re ready, ask for an Individual Meeting of parents, child(ren) and 2 staff members of the school to be arranged to discuss expectations, questions, concerns and any other matters
  • If a place is offered, apply for a grant & provide the necessary documentation and complete enrolment forms
  • Pay the relevant deposit when a place is offered and accepted
  • Take part in get-togethers and events of our growing school community
  • Spread the word about the project – and pack a lunch for the first day of school!


Enrolment application form